Watch out for toppling trees!
Friday, June 14, 2019
By Joyce Geiser Photography
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The Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, in Jefferson County, holds special memories for Sally & Ray. They've enjoyed many picnics by the creek, & lounged in the cooling water. I love hearing why people love the location when  we are doing their  photos! The day of the engagement shoot brought a few challenges our way, but nothing that was going to stop the engagement session. Right before Sally & Ray arrived, the wind picked up, the sky swallowed up our sun, & the storm alert went off on my cell phone. We began our session, determined to complete it. We had a good time, got the photos we needed, & we found out that we can all move pretty fast when the weather decides it going to topple 4 trees all at once! The cracking sound of the trees was far more scary than watching the trees topple. Now Sally & Ray have one more story to add to what Sandy Creek Covered Bridge means to them. Congratulations Sally & Ray on your engagement, & upcoming wedding!


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